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Air Conditioning Companies

Our Superb Team Has Broad Expertise When It Comes to the Repair and Service of HVACs.

The team at Elite HVAC is pleased to provide for the HVAC necessities of its neighbors. We have a very skilled staff that will supply excellent work over a broad selection of HVAC brands and devices. With an undeniable track record of success, we have emerged as the premier selection between air conditioning companies you can find in our area. If you consider the import of an HVAC, it makes sense to entrust projects only to the highest qualified.

Of the many air conditioning companies around Costa Mesa, CA, few measure up to what we supply at Elite HVAC. We will swiftly identify the source for repair requirements, and will install the correct components for the work. For installations and replacement, our unparalleled work provides you with an HVAC fully optimized for premier performance. A call to (714) 464-6622 will enable one of our friendly team to address any more queries you might have.

AC Repairs & Replacement

Air Conditioning Companies

We Also Perform Service on Commercial HVAC Systems.

If you possess an air conditioner, chances are that you appreciate it. If they develop a repair need, you’ll desire quick work to regain standard operation. We render thorough, quality work for ACs, and can rapidly isolate and fix repair needs. For AC replacement, choose our company for exceptional work. The links below can reveal more in regards to any of our offerings.

The Preferred Choice Among Air Conditioning Companies

The choice among air conditioning companies in Costa Mesa, CA is a simple one if you look at Elite HVAC. Our expert team provides unbeatable efforts across each aspect of an HVAC system. Whenever you have any problem with an HVAC, from minor to major, give us a call at (714) 464-6622.

Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Services

Our company offers a extensive assortment of services for your air conditioner, such as emergency work when the issue simply will not wait. Our workers will respond quickly to your call, and can rapidly do repairs or maintenance to restore your air conditioner to its optimal condition. A refrigerant recharge will become necessary for a system that only sends warm air around your home. We additionally supplement our services for normal ACs with service on mini duct devices.

Heating Company

Heating Repairs and Installation

At Elite HVAC, our contractors possess the skills to provide any type of work you could need for a heating. We provide both service and replacements for electric and gas furnaces, in addition to heat pumps and LP gas heaters. We are additionally happy to explain the characteristics of geothermal heat, an additional system we maintain.

  • Central Heating System Repair A central heating system that doesn’t do its job deserves service from our company.
  • Electric Heat Systems An electric heater set-up can provide efficient comfort in places that don’t have gas service.
  • Gas Furnaces A standard pick for house comfort, gas heaters supply exceptional service.
  • Electric Furnaces If you feel anxious about safety issues with a gas heater, an electric furnace offers a substitute.
  • LP Gas Heating System These machines can warm a home faster than other systems, thanks to the exceptional octane rating of LP gas.
  • Geothermal Heating System Geothermal heating supplies a large selection of positive attributes, such as a cost-efficient operation cost.t.
  • Heating System Maintenance Seasonal service is a requirement for the beneficial operation of your furnace.
  • Heater Parts Broken heater components will negatively affect your system’s efficiency.


Air Purification

Air Filtration & Purification Systems

Indoor air usually suffers from infestation by a disconcerting assortment of microorganisms, dirt, mold, and more. HVAC air filters and purifiers provide excellent solutions for better home air quality. Unlike many air conditioning companies, we provide total work in this area, including installation and repairs.