Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Allergy Sufferers Can Experience a Great Deal of Discomfort from Indoor Pollutants.

Indoor air quality represents a serious health concern. The average person spends 90 percent of his or her time indoors. At the same time, indoor air quality tends to be much worse than that outdoors, even in a heavily urban, industrialized environment. To make matters worse, the elderly, ill, and those who suffer from allergies and asthma tend to spend the most time indoors. This means that those most susceptible to the harmful effects of indoor air pollution are exposed to it the most.

At Elite HVAC, we take indoor air quality seriously. We provide a host of solutions, including whole house air filters and air purifiers, to bring you cleaner, healthier air. Best of all, these devices install seamlessly within your existent HVAC. To learn more about solutions for indoor air quality in Orange, CA, reach out to our expert team. We remain available when you need at (714) 464-6622.

Indoor Air Quality Concerns

Indoor Air Quality

Having Your Vents or Ducts Cleaned on a Regular Basis Can Improve the Quality of Your Air.

There exist numerous consequences for long and short-term exposure to indoor air pollution. If you’ve experienced the following in your home, call us to discuss possible solutions.

Immediate Effects: Exposure to indoor pollutants can immediately cause someone to experience irritation of the throat, eyes, and nose. If you have asthma, indoor pollutants can aggravate or cause symptoms to appear for the first time. For certain people, longer exposure can cause the development of new allergies or health conditions.

Long-Term Effects: According to the EPA, long-term exposure to indoor air pollutants can have terrifying consequences. Pollutants like those found indoors have been linked to serious diseases like respiratory ailments, heart disease, and even cancer. Of course, this will not happen to everyone, as reactions vary from person to person. At the same time, assurance over the quality of your indoor air can set your mind at ease in regards to these issues.

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If you would like to learn more about our solutions for the quality of your indoor air, give us a call at (714) 464-6622. We care a great deal about the health of our customers and look forward to serving your needs. For all service, installation, and repair of devices for indoor air quality in Orange, CA, trust the experts at Elite HVAC.