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Air Conditioner Fan

Your HVAC Uses Two Fans to Perform Its Duties.

Your air conditioner depends on two fans to perform its duty. If you begin to have trouble with either of these fans, your HVAC will struggle and eventually cease to function. The first fan, the blower, circulates air around your home. The second fan, the condenser, works to manage the temperature of your air conditioner’s condenser. If you’ve experienced trouble with either of these and need air conditioner fan repair or replacement, contact the leaders at Elite HVAC.

We offer our customers a heightened level of service, thanks to the expertise of our highly trained, experienced team. For any issues you may have with your air conditioner fans, we can promise fast, quality service. When it comes to service or replacement, no area contractor can compete with our team. For the replacement and repair of an air conditioner fan in Orange, CA, call us today at (714) 464-6622.

Time for a New Air Conditioner Fan

Air Conditioner Fan

The Condenser Fan Sits Atop the Outdoor AC Unit to Manage Internal Temperature.

Without a properly functioning blower fan, your HVAC cannot circulate air around your home. This can lead to weak airflow from the vents, or areas of your home that never seem adequately heated or cooled. You may also hear strange, unpleasant noises, such as bangs and whines, that emanate from your blower motor. If the blower fan stops completely, your outdoor AC unit will seem non-responsive.

The condenser fan helps protect the most vital component of your air conditioner. The condenser works to generate the cold air that disperses through your home. The condenser fan regulates the temperature of this component and keeps it from overheating. If this fan begins to fail, you will notice lukewarm air throughout your home. If the condenser itself overheats, then your air conditioner will fail entirely.

We Offer Rapid Service

The repair of either of these motors should represent a priority for a homeowner. If you have suspicions about the service of your air conditioner fans, make sure to call us right away at (714) 464-6622. If contacted quickly, we can typically make repairs that will salvage the life of your system. For any repair or replacement needs with an air conditioner fan in Orange, CA, Elite HVAC is the team to trust.