AC Compressor Repair & Replacement

AC Compressor Repair

An Aging AC Can Begin to Have Problems with Its Compressor.

An air conditioner’s compressor serves as one of its most vital components. The primary activity of an air conditioner centers on the transformation of refrigerant from a liquid into a gas. This transformation creates the cool air that your blower then circulates through the house. The compressor fulfills a vital role in this process. If you begin to have problems with your AC, then call Elite HVAC to determine whether you need AC compressor repair.

An air conditioner’s condenser performs the actual transformation of refrigerant. The compressor works in tandem with the condenser, and prepares refrigerant for this process. The compressor “compresses” refrigerant, squeezing it into a state ready for transformation. Since the compressor and condenser work together in the same procedure, many people fail to differentiate between them. Each can have its own problems, however. If you suspect a need for AC compressor repair in Orange, CA, call our expert team at (714) 464-6622.

Signs You Need AC Compressor Repair

AC Compressor Repair

We Can Repair a Variety of Components, Including Compressors, for Your HVAC.

An air conditioner’s compressor will make clear signs if it needs repair or replacement. If your compressor has failed and needs replacement, you can always trust Elite HVAC for the work. If you notice any of the following symptoms, reach out to us today.

Strange Noises: Odd noises from your HVAC serve as a universal signal of something awry. Specific noises can indicate that your compressor represents the problem. A ticking or chatter sound when your AC kicks on can indicate a compressor that has begun to hard-start. This signifies a device on the verge of failure with immediate service needs. Louder noises, such as rumbles and rattles, can indicate problems with the compressor’s motor. You should never approach this complicated assembly on your own, as it requires professional service.

Leaks: Your compressor performs a vital function with your HVAC’s refrigerant. If you begin to notice moisture or puddles around your air conditioner, then you likely have a refrigerant leak. A dangerous chemical, refrigerant like Freon represents a hazard to you and your family. A compressor that has sprung a leak warrants immediate attention from a professional.

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For any issues with your air conditioner, including the repair or replacement of a compressor, call (714) 464-6622. The team at Elite HVAC can perform rapid service for your system. The next time you need AC compressor repair in Orange, CA, trust our expert, dependable team.