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Service Area

We Provide Unbeatable HVAC Work Across a Broad Service Area.

At Elite HVAC, we’ve devoted more than 10 years to the service of our community’s HVAC needs. In our service area around Orange, CA, we’ve established ourselves as the premier source for all work you could need with air conditioners, heaters, air purifiers, and much more. If you ever find yourself in need of HVAC service in Orange County and Southern California, give us a call at (714) 464-6622.

Has your current air conditioner or heater seemingly given its all? We can perform restorative maintenance and repairs, or replace your older system with a new, energy efficient HVAC. We want our clients to not only enjoy the luxury of comfortable homes, but also experience exceptional HVAC service at an affordable price. To learn more or schedule work, give us a call today.

Service Area

We perform work across a wide area so as many clients as possible can enjoy the benefits of our service. If you want or need top-tier HVAC service in your home or business, reach out to us to set up an appointment.

Our Services

For any work that requires the skill and thoroughness of a top-tier HVAC team, we’re your local source. We offer work across a few key areas.

Air Conditioning Service Company: We perform a full range of services for air conditioners, and also install indoor air quality solutions.

Heating Company: The next time you need service on a gas or electric furnace, or an LP gas heater, we’re the team to trust.

Maintenance Plan: The benefits of regular HVAC service cannot be overstated. Call us today to schedule a maintenance plan.

We’ve dedicated ourselves wholly to proving HVAC excellence to our broad and growing clientele. The next time you need service on an air conditioner or heater in our service area around Orange, CA, give us a call at (714) 464-6622.