Refrigerant Recharge Services

AC Coolant Refill

Our Coolant Recharge Services Can Quickly Restore the Effectiveness of Your AC.

An AC coolant refill represents a common service for older machines. Your air conditioner’s coolant, likely Freon, enables the actual generation of cold air. The compressor and condenser work to transform your coolant back and forth from a liquid to a gas. This process generates cold air as a by-product, which then gets circulated throughout your home. Without coolant, your AC simply won’t work. At Elite HVAC, we are your dependable source for a refrigerant recharge.

Our expert technicians understand that you do not want to wait for a coolant recharge in the heat of summer. Because of this, we respond quickly to calls about ACs that will only blow warm air. Though the coolant recharge process may seem simple, you should never attempt it on your own. AC coolant is a dangerous chemical that creates serious consequences for those that suffer from exposure. Instead of taking this risk, trust your need for an AC coolant refill in Orange, CA to the experts at Elite HVAC. Call us today at (714) 464-6622 to schedule service.

Signs You Need an AC Coolant Refill

AC Coolant Refill

While We Recharge Your Coolant, We Can Also Quickly Check for Leaks in the System.

A few signs will make it fairly obvious that you need an AC coolant refill. Check for the following, and give us a call for fast service.

Vents: If your home feels warmer than it should, you will want to check the temperature of air emitted from your vents. If you’ve just turned on your AC, give it about 15 minutes for any residual warm air to make its way out of the system. If the air still feels warm after this interval, you probably need a coolant recharge.

Thermostat: A unit that blows hot air may just need a thermostat reset. First, set your thermostat to the high 80s. Wait for around 30 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 60. If it still produces warm air after this reset, you need fresh coolant.

Frost: Lastly, you can check components of the air conditioner itself for signs of a leak. Coolant leaks are easily distinguishable, as they leave behind traces of frost. If you find frost buildup around any connectors, tubes, hoses, and fans, then you’ve located proof of a refrigerant leak.

Call Our Team for Service

Our team can provide fast, effective service for an AC coolant refill in Orange, CA. With leaks in particular, you want to call for immediate service. Leaking refrigerant creates a serious safety hazard that only a professional can address. To schedule both air conditioning repair and/or an AC coolant refill, call (714) 464-6622 today.