The Difference Between Humidifiers, Air Purifiers, and Air Filters

There are so many systems that can help you improve your air quality, but knowing your own symptoms can tell you what unit to shop for to get the best breathing you can. Here is what humidifiers, air purifiers, and air filters do to improve improve the quality of your indoor air.


Pet Dander Is Eliminated In Air Filters and Air Purifiers

If you have bad allergies where you are constantly blowing your nose and end up with dry nasal passages or nosebleeds, humidifiers are extremely beneficial. They pump water into the air to keep it moist and so when you breathe in, you breathe in moist air, and not dry air that will further irritate your already sore nose.

Air Filters

Whole home air filters are the most common form of air quality that homeowners have, as it benefits everyone. Not everyone appreciates moist air as they don’t have dry noses and don’t need a humidifier and some don’t feel the physical symptoms of gases that cause headaches and don’t need air purifiers. Air filters remove things that make everyone sneeze whether they are allergic or not, like dust, pet dander, and regular allergens, therefore benefiting everyone in the household.

Air Purifiers

While air filters remove physical irritants floating around in the air like pet dander, allergens, and dust, air purifiers remove invisible irritants like gases. This can be smoke, toxins, and natural gas that can cause headaches and nausea.

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How to Stay Energy Efficient This Summer

Energy Efficient

Help Your AC Run More Efficiently With These Tips!

Summertime can be difficult on your home’s energy efficiency. Depending on many factors, your utility bills can skyrocket. Many homeowners actively look for ways to increase their home’s efficiency during this time. Elite HVAC understands how tricky the summer heat can be, which is why we have compiled a few ways you can increase your home’s efficiency while improving your AC function.

Home Energy Efficiency Tips

Refresh Your Insulation – Insulation helps control how your home retains its air and prevents the outside environment from affecting it. Check your insulation to ensure it is preventing drafts and replace as necessary.

Utilize Your Blinds – Natural light in a home is nice, but it can also allow the sun to heat up your home, making your AC have to work harder. You can use your blinds to control how natural light enters and affects your home.

Turn on Your Fan – Your fan can help your AC cool your home quicker. Turning on your fan allows the cool air to disperse quicker throughout your rooms, meaning your AC does not have to work as hard.

Get a Programmable Thermostat – Programmable thermostats are fantastic, as they allow you to set and control the way your AC cools your home. With one of these, you can ensure your AC only works when you want it to, which prevents it from running while people are out of the home.

Keep in mind if your AC is damaged or an older model, it may become less energy efficient as the years pass. You may want to upgrade to a more recent model. These newer systems may be EnergyStar rated so you can guarantee that they will help your home become more energy efficient. Elite HVAC provides you with quality systems and installation for your needs. Reach out to our experts in Orange, CA today at (714) 464-6622.


Common A/C Problems

If you have ever spent a hot summer day sitting inside a home or building without air conditioning, it is definitely an experience you do not want to relive. With spring kicking into full gear, and summertime on its way, it is important to learn about some common A/C problems and a few tips on how to avoid repair problems.

Water Leaks from the A/C

If your home may not be getting the proper cooling and may start to feel warm, this can be a sign that your air conditioning unit is leaking and needs repair. If left unchecked, water leakage can lead to more serious issues like mold and milder growth. So it is important to check the A/C unit for any debris or trash buildup as this can often cause airflow problems within your heating and cooling system.

Regular Inspection & Maintenance Can Help Extend The Lifespan of your A/C Unit

The Air is Blowing, but isn’t Cold

If your home or building feels warm or hot even with the air conditioning running on high this can be the result of a number of issues. Try changing the air filter if you have not done so already.  You might need a new air filter if your thermostat is set all the way  to the coldest temperature and you do not feel a difference in your home’s climate.

The Air Conditioner Stops Working

If your A/C unit has stopped working or unexpectedly shut down, the thermostat batteries might be dead and may need to be replaced. Make sure to check that the thermostat is in the cooling position. If the thermostat is not the problem, double check that the circuit breaker is set to the “on” position. If the problem still persists, contact us at (714) 464-6622.

Regular Maintenance is KEY

Most of the common problems that an air conditioner system experiences can easily be prevented with regular repairs and maintenance. Have one of our trained, licensed and professional technicians at Elite HVAC come and inspect your home or building’s air conditioning unit every spring to ensure that your system keeps running smoothly and efficiently.

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Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

New Air Conditioner

An Old AC that Still Uses Freon Is a Great Candidate for Replacement.

Like any appliance, your air conditioner will have a limited lifespan. Though you can extend this period of service through regular maintenance and repairs, the day will eventually come when you need replacement. A new air conditioner represents a serious investment, however, and the decision for replacement should not be made lightly. In order to tell whether your system needs replacement, look for the following signs.

Freon Usage

The federal government has decided to phase out the use of Freon for air conditioners. The new refrigerant, R410A, provides more efficient cooling to save energy on an everyday basis. If you have repair needs for your AC, and it still uses Freon, you should go ahead and have it replaced.

Old Age

Once an air conditioner passes 10 years of age, its repair needs will increase. The ultimate lifespan for a well-maintained air conditioner lands at around 15 years. However, if you’ve used the device for a decade, and have suddenly begun to experience more problems than the past, your system likely needs to go. As a general rule, if any repair need exceeds half the cost of a new unit, go for the replacement.

Inefficient Operation

An air conditioner that struggles to do its job should get replaced with a newer model. A variety of factors, most related to age, will reduce the energy efficiency of your older unit. Newer models will boast considerable advancements in energy efficient technology, and will save you money every month on your energy bills. If you’ve higher bills or rooms that never seem cool enough, think seriously about the benefits of a new air conditioner.

At Elite HVAC, we are your local source for a new air conditioner in Orange, CA. The benefits of a new system cannot be overstated, especially if your current system has passed the decade mark. To learn more or schedule service, give us a call today at (714) 464-6622.