HVAC Service Coupons for Orange, CA

At Elite HVAC, we care a great deal about our customers. We also believe that everyone deserves the benefit of a comfortable home. When you hire us for an HVAC project, you can depend on quality work and affordable prices. We additionally provide warranties, special offers, and HVAC service coupons to ensure that our customers receive as much value as possible.

Our Warranties and Special Offers

If you need HVAC work in Orange, CA, Elite HVAC represents the gold standard. We take great pride in our quality workmanship, and support our service with a lifetime warranty and additional special offers.

Lifetime Warranty on Repairs

All repairs completed by Elite HVAC come with a lifetime warranty on replaced parts. The only exception to this warranty is with refrigerant charges. Refrigerant charges have no warranty, unless leak detection and leak repairs are also performed as part of the service. In this case, that particular instance of leak repair and refrigerant recharge would also come with a lifetime warranty.

All completed repairs also include ​two complimentary Total Care Maintenance visit​s​. This will include a spring visit for the air conditioner ​and fall appointment for heating system maintenance, inspection, and performance review. These visits occur at no additional charge.

HVAC Service Coupons

$89 Service Call
$89 Tune Up
Internet Special