Heater Parts Replacement

Heater Parts

Your Home’s Heater Has Many Indispensable Parts.

Your home’s heater stands as an indispensable appliance. Throughout certain times of the year, you absolutely must have a functional, dependable heater for home comfort. Gas and electric furnaces alike represent complicated assemblies, however, with many parts that can wear out and need replacement. If you ever find yourself in need of parts replacement, trust that Elite HVAC acts as the preferred installer. 

As a heater begins to age, it can have problems with any number of faulty parts. Problems with certain components of a gas furnace, such as the inducer motor or gas valve, can create significant safety issues. Rather than attempt to diagnose and replace a faulty part on your own, trust the team at Elite HVAC. We serve as the local expert installer of heater parts in Orange, CA. For service, call us today at (714) 464-6622.

Signs You Need Heater Parts Replacement

Heater Parts

We Can Supply and Install Parts for a Large Variety of Heaters.

A variety of signals can indicate the need for replacement heater parts. If you begin to experience any of the following problems, let our expert team diagnose the issue and install your replacement part.

Odd Smells: A gas leak from your furnace is a serious issue that warrants immediate attention. A few different parts can represent the problem, including the gas valve itself. You could also have a faulty draft inducer, the component that circulates harmful gases and chemicals out of your home.

Refusal to Start: If your furnace will not turn on, then you clearly have a problem. You can blame a variety of parts for this issue. The pressure switch, a component that serves as a safety check for trouble, may not activate. The hot surface ignitor may also fail to light the pilot. To determine whether these or other parts represent the problem, call us today.

Cool Air or Lack of Air Flow: Similar to the issue discussed above, cold air or weak air flow from your furnace can indicate fault with a variety of parts, including your blower fan, pilot light, or various motors and belts. As with most heater problems, you should trust a professional to diagnose the trouble and install the necessary replacement parts.

Call for Replacement Needs

The professional team at Elite HVAC stands ready to serve any of your needs with the replacement of heater parts in Orange, CA. We can typically identify your problem with a quick inspection, and then install the replacement parts to restore your heater’s functionality. To learn more or schedule service, call us today at (714) 464-6622.