LP Gas Heating System

LP Gas Heater

Nothing Can Interrupt Your LP Gas Heater’s Service, so Long as You Maintain Adequate Fuel.

Advocates for propane understand the incredible benefits of this fuel. Cheap to use and clean burning, propane produces greatly reduced emissions when compared to other fossil fuels. Though most people are only familiar with propane as a gas, it also exists in a liquid form. An LP gas heater utilizes this liquid to provide cost-efficient, dependable heating for a home.

A homeowner can derive a great number of benefits from LP gas. For those interested in living off the grid, LP systems can prove ideal. At Elite HVAC, we will proudly install an LP gas heater in Orange, CA. You can count on our team’s expertise in this regard and will receive a heater optimized for excellent service. To learn more or schedule service on an existing LP gas heater, call (714) 464-6622 today.

Why Choose an LP Gas Heater

LP Gas Heater

LP Gas Burns Hotter Than Any Common Fuel, Including Gasoline.

Whether you have the goal to reduce your energy dependency, overall monthly bills, or carbon footprint, an LP gas heater can provide the answer. The overall benefits of these systems are considerable.

Highly Dependable: Gas and electric furnaces depend on an outside fuel source to operate. If something happens to the fuel supply, you have no recourse but to wait. Electric furnaces are particularly vulnerable in this regard, as power outages can interrupt their service. LP gas heaters depend on fuel that you purchase yourself. So long as you maintain an adequate supply, nothing can impede the heating of your home. This level of dependability represents a premier benefit of these heaters.

Exceptional Performance: LP gas burns hotter than any other fuel used in HVAC systems. This gas has an octane rating that outpaces gasoline and can heat a home up to 115 degrees. Though this level of heating is unnecessary, it does provide peace of mind that no degree of cold can impede the heating of your home.

Environmental Benefits: As stated above, LP gas burns cleaner than other fossil fuels. This means fewer carbon emissions and no harmful byproducts that can pollute the air or groundwater.

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If you would like to learn more about an LP gas heater in Orange, CA, call our team today at (714) 464-6622. As experts with these systems, we will gladly answer any questions you may have. We can also provide for the installation or repair of these devices. Regardless of your need, we are the team to trust!