Air Conditioner Parts Replacement

Air Conditioner Parts

Your AC’s Coils Are an Indispensable Component of Its Correct Operation.

If you’re like most people, you depend a great deal on your air conditioner for the overall comfort of your home. As an advanced machine, an air conditioner has many moving parts that can wear out or fail completely. When this happens, you can expect either a non-functional AC or one that struggles to meet demand and generates higher energy bills. Regardless of the issue, you can trust in the experts at Elite HVAC for both air conditioner parts replacement and repairs.

We take great pride in our level of preparedness. If you have an air conditioner that requires immediate service, you can count on our rapid response. Our trained, talented technicians can typically identify a faulty part with expediency and perform the replacement install. If you have any needs with the replacement of air conditioner parts in Orange, CA, call Elite HVAC today at (714) 464-6622.

Varieties of Air Conditioner Parts

Air Conditioner Parts

Your Air Filters Can Also Become Clogged to Impair the Work of Your AC.

A selection of parts can cause issues with your air conditioner. The following represents a selection of parts that most often create trouble that requires professional service.

Compressor: Your AC’s compressor is an integral part for the transformation of refrigerant. Since this process generates the actual cool air your air conditioner circulates, a failed compressor requires immediate replacement.

Thermostat: If your air conditioner simply won’t activate, you can usually blame a faulty thermostat. Since these devices control the operation of your HVAC, one with a failed battery or other problem can completely impair operation.

AC Fans: Your air conditioner depends on the activity of two fans. The blower fan circulates cool air throughout your home, while the condenser fan regulates internal temperature and keeps the condenser from overheating.

AC Coils: Your air conditioner’s coils both absorb hot air and remove it from your home. Each of these can become vulnerable to dirt and grime and should benefit from regular cleaning services. If they begin to fail, you’ll need replacement to restore proper function for your air conditioner.

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We work on a wide variety of parts and represent your trusted, local source for their installation. Elite HVAC prides itself on the readiness it maintains for clients’ needs. For any issue you have with air conditioner parts in Orange, CA, call us today at (714) 464-6622.