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Air Conditioning Companies

Our Superb Team Has Broad Expertise When It Comes to the Repair and Service of HVACs.

At Elite HVAC, our enterprise is founded on exceptional HVAC work for the people in our community. We have a supremely knowledgeable staff that can provide superior work over a varied selection of HVAC brands and devices. Our stellar history of success distinguishes us as the solution of choice among air conditioning companies in our region. The expense of an HVAC makes it wise to trust only the premier area company for service.

Of the many air conditioning companies around Buena Park, CA, none compare to the things we supply at Elite HVAC. When repairs are needed, you can count upon our team rapidly finding the source of the trouble and installing the needed replacement parts. Our unbeatable effort with installs and replacements can provide you with an HVAC which will provide a great number of years of dependable service. You can contact us whenever you need at (714) 464-6622 when you want to learn more about work.

AC Repairs & Replacement

Air Conditioning Companies

We Also Perform Service on Commercial HVAC Systems.

Most people definitely care about their ACs. If your air conditioner has commenced to struggle, you will need fast, masterful service. We will review your AC to find any problems, and can then perform reliable and thorough service. When you necessitate AC replacement, our team performs exceptional work for this service. The categories below will show more about all of our services.

The Preferred Choice Among Air Conditioning Companies

If you need to choose among the air conditioning companies in Buena Park, CA, go with the local leaders at Elite HVAC. You will identify no other company whose service over every component of an HVAC measures up to our own. You can consistently contact us at (714) 464-6622 should you necessitate HVAC repairs, service, or an install.

Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Services

In addition to our typical AC work, we furthermore offer emergency work. We continually respond as swiftly as possible to service needs, and work hard to restore our clientele’s air conditioners to typical service. If your device only circulates lukewarm air, you probably need Freon charging. In addition to standard air conditioners, we furthermore offer a complete assortment of services for mini duct systems.

Heating Company

Heating Repairs and Installation

At Elite HVAC, our contractors have the knowledge to offer any kind of work you might necessitate for a heater. We offer both service and installations for gas and electric furnaces, along with heat pumps and LP gas heaters. We are also thrilled to elucidate the benefits of geothermal heaters, an additional system we service.

  • Central Heating System Repair We can handle any trouble you could have with a central heating system.
  • Electric Heat Systems Electric heating devices can use components such as heat pumps for home comfort.
  • Gas Furnaces A top pick for a great number of homeowners, gas heaters provide reliable, cost-efficient service.
  • Electric Furnaces If you are concerned in regards to gas systems, electric furnaces stand as an excellent substitute.
  • LP Gas Heating System These devices rely on liquid propane to achieve economical, eco-friendly heating.
  • Geothermal Heating System The many positives of geothermal heat easily outweigh the costly installation costs.t.
  • Heating System Maintenance In order for any heater to operate safely, it needs the benefits of periodic service.
  • Heater Parts Worn-out heater parts will negatively impact your system’s efficiency.


Air Purification

Air Filtration & Purification Systems

Indoor air typically contains far more pollutants than outdoor air. For better health and fresher air, think about the installation of an HVAC air purifier or air filter. Other air conditioning companies fail to offer these valuable HVAC components, while our team offers complete services that includes installs and maintenance.