Should I Repair or Replace my Air Conditioning System?

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When should I replace my air conditioner?

When it comes to living in Orange, CA you’re going to want an air conditioner for much of the year to regulate your home. When it comes to maintaining your unit, it can be easy to wonder then what should be done when something goes wrong. In a broader sense, it is not a common occurrence that an air conditioner needs to be replaced unless it is at an advanced age. More commonly, a homeowner will only need air conditioner repair to the system that cools their home. That is because the entire system and other parts of the greater HVAC system have multiple parts that can break down due to varying reasons. At 10 years of age, air conditioners will show the signs of needing a replacement. Ideally, they last up to 15 years, but the general age for replacement sits at ten years. 

At the point of needing either for that matter, while air conditioner repair can be made by the homeowner with a good amount of effort, air conditioner replacement cannot be done by an untrained person. The reason being is that the air conditioner is made up of several sections that are integrated into the electric system of the home and also there needs to be specific knowledge to the right parts for the system. In any case, it can be normal to commit to air conditioner repair. What can also be done is to get a technician to take on the problem and can confidently take care of it. Trust the experts at Elite HVAC to get the job done when you call (714) 464-6622 to schedule your appointment for central air conditioner repair.

Is it worth replacing the compressor on AC unit?

Among HVAC technicians, there is a general agreement that the compressor in an AC unit gets a lot of blame but is not necessarily the cause of most problems. In reality, this part of the air conditioning unit tends to last as long as the system, boasting a general lifespan of 12 hears and sometimes more. Normally as well, when a homeowner has the compressor replaced, it generally is apart of an entire air conditioner replacement. As it stands, most problems that occur in the compressor can actually be prevented. One will find that these problems include:

  • Too much or too little refrigerant: The compressor needs a specific amount of refrigerant to effectively fulfill its purpose. Too little can lead to a strain in the system whereas too much can lead to subcooling and further damages.
  • Suction line size: When the size of the suction line is too small or large, the compressor can fail prematurely
  • Ill kept coils: Air passes through and around the condenser coils, building up any manner of filth like dust and grime. When not cleaned, the compressor can overheat and eventually fail. 
  • Lack of lubrication: As a machine, each part needs to be properly maintained and oiled so it does not catch or eventually fail
  • Blockages: In many parts of the entire air conditioning system, blockages can damage the compressor directly even if it’s not in contact with the problem. 

While other problems also occur in the electrical and cleaning aspects of the compressor, each of the mentioned issues can be avoided. While a person should check up on their system every so often, the best way to keep it in good condition is to have a technician inspect it. The best way to avoid the need for air conditioner repair services is to have the system inspected at least once to twice per year in the spring and fall.

Can a dirty filter cause AC not to work?

While many problems that call for air conditioner repair are often not the compressor, it is common for problem to arise when the filter is dirty. A dirty filter can be considered in the same conversation as a blockage, which forces the compressor and other parts to work harder in order to cool the home. The general consensus among technicians, therefore, is that the filter should be replaced at a frequency depending on the home.

  • 20-45 days for homes with pets and occupants that suffer allergies
  • Every 60 days when occupants just have pets
  • 90 days for homes without pets

When your home is not necessarily cooling efficiently, it tends to lean towards dirty filters, dirty parts, or a blockage that has formed in the ventilation. As mentioned, the system needs to be well maintained to a larger degree to constantly cool the home and to last for the 15 years that it can achieve.

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How do I reset my air conditioning unit?

When trying to fix your air conditioning unit, knowing that it is well taken care of, sometimes all that needs to be done is a reset. In order to do that, all a person needs to do is shut it down at the nearest thermostat. If you have multiple units built into your home, you will need to go to multiple thermostats. You will then need to reset the power feeding into the units at the circuit breaker, which should be labeled. After waiting a minute, flip the switches for the units back on and turn the air conditioner on at the thermostat. By that point, your system has been successfully reset and if that is all it needed, it should be cooling the home. When you need air conditioner repair or other services, you can depend on Elite HVAC in Orange, CA to get your system working. Call (714) 464-6622 today to schedule your appointment for our services.