How Often Should a Heating System Be Serviced?

An HVAC Technician Inspects a Heater.

How often should a heating system be serviced?

Some people take a pass when an HVAC company recommends a heating system maintenance plan, especially when their heater seems to be working fine and was working OK last winter. But, if you’re stuck wondering why your heating system has stopped working in the middle of winter and you’re about to put down a big chunk of change on a repair or even a premature replacement, the reason could be because you didn’t have your system checked out earlier in the season.

When you set up an annual HVAC maintenance plan, you’re less likely to have serious problems with your heater when you need it most in the winter. If you’ve scheduled regular maintenance in the fall—as you should for your heater—an HVAC technician can fine-tune your system to make sure it’s going to run efficiently when temperatures drop. The technician also will be able to alert you to any components that are starting to fail and you can have them repaired and replaced then, before serious break downs occur later on.

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How do you service a heating system?

In the fall, when you schedule your annual, your HVAC technician will have a heating system maintenance checklist that they follow for the service. This will list all the items they’re going to test, inspect, adjust, and clean. The service will typically include:

  • Inspection of vents as well as air intake grilles and removal of any clogs or blockages.
  • Inspection of the heat exchanger to ensure there’s no damage or corrosion present.
  • Test blower motor’s amp draw and repair or replace any wiring that’s damage.
  • Examination of belts for damage.
  • Inspection of burners and sensors for damage.
  • Inspection and calibration of thermostat.
  • Cleaning or replacing the air filter.
  • Testing of safety controls as well as the start-up cycle.

How do you maintain a boiler heating system?

Heating system maintenance for boilers is fairly similar to maintenance for a central heating system. Boilers, however, not only have vents, but they also have chimneys as part of the ventilation system, and the chimney will need to be inspected as well. When inspecting the chimney, the HVAC technician looks for holes or broken connections.

The boiler will also have to be flushed regularly. The boiler’s power and water supply will need to be shut off when it’s being flushed. Also, the circulating pump, which moves water around the system, will have to be lubricated.

In floor heating system maintenance

One of the latest trends in heating is in-floor or radiant heating, in which tubing or pipes are placed under your flooring to radiate heat. This is an efficient and space-saving method for heating, but it still needs to be maintained regularly. Radiant heaters, in particular, need to maintain consistent pressure for efficient heating, and the pressure should be checked when you have the system serviced. For water-based in-floor systems, you’ll also have to have the pipes checked for leaks. The condition of pumps and valves also will need to be checked and cleaned.

Commercial heating system maintenance

Keeping commercial heating systems maintained is essential to your employees’ comfort. These heating systems are much larger and often more complicated to maintain. One major complication for repair and maintenance is that they are often installed on rooftops, which means safety is definitely a priority. Like residential HVAC systems, they need to be serviced once a year, preferably in the fall. It’s also essential for ventilation and filters to be cleaned or changed regularly.

How often should you clean your central heating system?

When you get your annual heating system maintenance performed, various components will be cleaned. If you have central heating and air, you also want to get your ductwork cleaned at least once every three to seven years as well. Ducts can get blocked and accumulate dust which obstructs airflow and diminishes indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can affect your health, especially if you have asthma, allergies, or other respiratory conditions.

How do I fix my central heating system?

Sometimes heating system maintenance issues can be resolved with a little troubleshooting. One simple thing to do is regularly clean or change your filters, at least once every 30 days or so. Dirty filters affect your indoor air quality as well as airflow. It’s very possible for air filters to get so dirty they cause components to overheat or cause your system to shut down.

If you are having problems with temperature control, the first place to look is your thermostat. Make sure it’s on the right setting and set to a comfortable temperature. Look at its wiring to see if it’s damaged and check its batteries if it runs on batteries.

A Technician Checks a Heater.

Heating system maintenance near me

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